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Looped was chosen by GD Holdings to help curate and enhance their branding through designing their company profile with captivating highlights about the dynamics of GD Holdings.

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GD Holdings has a mission to spearhead and transform projects through creativity and innovation, incorporating modernistic technologies whilst preserving the eco-friendly environment, and ensuring top-notch customer service to all.


Identity Crisis

GD Holdings has an array of development projects that only exists in their portfolio and database. They did portray their achievements in their website, but they were inadequate with solid-printed copies to be presented to clients as more pleasant visuals.


Capturing the essence of GD Holdings’ developments, we are able to piece together a more elaborate and cleaner portfolio for other people to see. Engineering the optimal blend of description and intricate arrangements, highlighting the pioneering community that was built up by GD Holdings.


After the initial printing and distribution, GD Holdings received an overwhelming response for the company profile. We have to print more booklets- around 1000 copies, in order to fulfill the demand for them which acts as an impetus for the advancement of GD Holdings.


We designed a company profile by incorporating elements of simplicity to put emphasis on the diversity of projects handled by GD Holdings and the prowess of the founder in order to accentuate their mission, vision and excellence.

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Keeping up with the contemporary simplistic concept, we integrated at most three pictures per page and designated flow-maps to capture the eyes of people who caught a glimpse of the company profile.

The sleek design with a less-cluttered arrangement can present to people with cleaner and more enticing visuals. This could exude the eminent grandiose of their projects, putting emphasis on the community that they are building.

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Company Profile

1000+ copies distributed
2000+ eyes reached


A panoramic shot is used to illustrate the sumptuous mega-structures that reflects the dynamism and the elaborate structures that has been developed by GD Holdings. This can provide a more substantial mental image to the people.

company profile

30+ pages,
Sleek design,
Glossy finish.


Since GD Holdings deals with Chinese-speaking clients, we provide Chinese language writing. In addition, we implemented a minimalist design that reduced the disarray of information and enhanced the quality of reading.



The company profile received optimistic feedback from the clients that had read it. This acts as a springboard to magnify GD Holdings mission and vision, disseminating the message that they want to purvey to the people- a community building futurist. Further cooperation will be carried out between Looped and GD Holdings.

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