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Looped was selected by Lam Soon Berhad to set the creative direction of the Raya Fiesta contest by determining the suitable themes and designs which can evoke an urge in the consumers to participate as well as the swiftest and simplest way to communicate with them.

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Communicating with consumers via social media platforms are the contemporary ways to reach out to the consumers in a matter of seconds. By setting the contest ideation in the right direction, the company is able to further connect with their customers and be more successful.


By persistently improvising the strategies and thinking outside the box, we were able to reach out to the crowds and gain countless participation.


Digital Footprints

Several household products of Lam Soon is included, all of which are popular among consumers. However, only some of these products have digital footprints while the rest do not. The fans of these products are easily kept in the dark about the Raya Fiesta contest’s activities.


Looped decided to start-up the Facebook pages of the products that do not have any digital footprints before in order to reach out to the products’ fans and deliver additional information on the Raya Fiesta contest. These Facebook pages serve as a platform for the brands and their fans to connect.


After the Facebook pages are started-up, fans of the products immediately followed the pages to keep up with their favourite brands’ activities, thus coming across the Raya Fiesta contest. The audience is able to participate in the contest and is constantly updated via the pages.


By maintaining a positive and attractive brand image, it ensures that the customer will think about your company first when they need your product or services in the near future.

- Looped Creative Agency
Brand Direction

‘BuyNWinLah’ is the tagline used for the Raya Fiesta contest. It is also the tag used by participants when sharing their post as a requirement to participate in the contest as it will be easily spotted with this very Malaysian line. This line represents the essence of a Malaysian as this contest is during a Malaysian festival – Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

The design style of this Raya Fiesta contest is by using pastel colours and a chalkboard-style. Using these elements that are child-like and pleasant to the eyes can remind the consumers of childhood innocence and fun, tempting the consumers to try out the contest.

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9,900,000+ eyeballs reached
1100+ shares & tags
7500+ comments


A fun, interactive and eye-catching campaign that got people to share and take action in participating nationwide. Creative posts and posters that suit the demography of people were meticulously created to reach peak efficacy.


Looped helps bond the people and the brands by using a piecemeal approach in social media marketing. Benefits are shared between the consumers and the brands, the consumers get to use high-quality products and win prizes, the brands are able to connect further to their fans.

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