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Mighty White is one of our firsts who is bold enough to make a leap into product photography rather than a conventional way of showcasing their products due to the market shift to a more visual-convinced audience.
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Before the intervention of Looped, the postings of Mighty White across social platforms were not performing as well as expected.


We stepped in, remediated the immediate flaws by taking an array mouth-watering shots of food from Mighty White, posting them strategically to specific age groups and background of netizens.


Declining Appeal

Mighty White’s posts were uniform and lacking the sense of diversity, this made their posts unable to attract other people of different perspectives which diminished their reachability to a more extensive audience.

Branding Gap

Due to the incompatibility with the trend of the market, an invisible gap existed between Mighty White and a lot of their potential customers. This adversity is irrefutable which gradually distanced the brand with their consumers.

Market Trends

It is credence that the only thing constant in the marketplace is change. Mighty White used a more traditional approach in dealing with the netizens that did not align with the market’s needs, the postings were less effective.


Authentic photography skills were deftly employed in the efforts to emanate a visual experience that can also act as an appetite stimulant to the viewers. Amassing and analysing the data from the traffic of their page, we formulated efficacious posting schedules for Mighty White that are enticing.

- Looped Creative Agency
brand direction

A variety of photography techniques were applied aptly in radiating the natural vibrance of the foods, gripping angles were taken to shoot, embellishing the perception of the netizen about Mighty White. Moving graphics (gifs) were used in order to make the post stand out among the static posts.


Interactive and seasonal posts were crafted meticulously in the means to reach more people, expanding the horizon of Mighty White to a wider audience- young and old.

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A leap from illustrative pictures into product photography.


Elements from nature and surroundings are used as a contrast to put an emphasis to the chocolate lava cake by Mighty White. A customised frame for their posts defines their identity in the digital world.


Capturing more eyes with the aesthetics of the food itself rather than the packaging.


The overflowing chocolate concentrate and chocolate chips activates the taste buds of the viewers, luring them to spend more attention for Mighty White’s products.



Shifting from illustrative arts to product aesthetics, Mighty White managed to attract more traffic into their individual posts. Indirectly, more people get to know about Mighty White and their brand proficiently through the mass media. The savouries of Mighty White began to catch up with the trends of the internet.

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