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Looped was sought after by bio-home Malaysia as it was and is an opportune time to invest into online marketing due to the paradigm shift of consumers into a mass-media based economy.

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Purveying sustainable cleaning products which are eco-friendly has been one of the fortes of bio-home Malaysia.

Consistent innovation and implementation of newly-found green technology are proficiently engineered by bio-home in order to satisfy customers’ needs and preserve Mother Nature.


Zero Following

bio-home existed only as a physical product and brand in the shelves of the supermarket, they have almost zero digital footprint. Capitalising on the credibility of bio-home products, Looped set up bio-home’s Facebook page.

Price Point

The prices of bio-home products are slightly higher than the market price of cleaning products due to the usage of plant-based active compounds. Informative graphics are posted weekly to educate future consumers about bio-home.

Brand Awareness

Careful planning and consistent posting on bio-home’s Facebook page has driven a lot of traffic into seeing their product, exposing the targeted audience into purchasing more. A customer base was gradually built up, sampling data from posts were collected for research.


By speculating and collecting data about the current market trends, we designed a brand enhancement scheme to amplify the market presence of bio-home. Online campaigns and social media boosting are efficiently targeted to specific groups of netizens by using data from offline sampling and events.

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Brand Direction

‘Care’ is the fundamental basis and leading direction of bio-home. It has been proven that bio-home’s products are eco-friendly, biodegradable and nature-scented. Using different hues and tones of green, incorporating floral representations and pastel imagery, the nature facet of bio-home can be accentuated remarkably.

Given that most people are more into motion pictures that can be captured by the eyes, moving imagery and interactive videos are integrated into bio-home’s branding scheme in order to captivate more people’s interest into bio-home.

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Product Sampling
eyeballs reached
shares & tags

The sense of sight, action, smell and feel combined can efficaciously motivate more people to purchase bio-home products by giving a more tangible experience at a zero cost effortlessly. This could indirectly build up a firmer and more diverse customer base.

eyeballs reached
shares & tags

A fun, interactive and eye-catching campaign that got people to share and take action in participating nationwide. Creative posts and posters that suit the demography of people were meticulously created to reach peak efficacy. The data collected were used for further studies in order to maximise the potential of bio-home.


bio-home cares for you. Looped helps bio-home to extend the care to people by using a piecemeal approach in social media marketing. Benefits are shared between the consumers and bio-home, the consumers get to use high-quality products, bio-home continues to fight to conserve Mother Nature


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