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Charcoal Grill

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brand story

Rocku Yakiniku trusted us to give this authentic Japanese-styled charcoal grill restaurant a unique DNA using digital marketing strategies such as running campaigns and advertisements on social media and, in order to stand out from its competitors in the F&B industry.

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Before Looped stepped in, Rocku Yakiniku had issues with reaching out to the growing trend of Japanese-styled barbecue among the younger population.


We stepped in, remediated the immediate flaws by organizing a series of campaigns and contests to showcase their mouth-watering and succulent Yakiniku by publishing them through social media.


Anonymous Name

Rocku Yakiniku was only known as a Japanese grill restaurant with little additional information prior working with Looped. This brand was unknown to many that have not engaged with Rocku Yakiniku, causing their brand unable to attract people of different views and complicating the process of the people trying out new delights which declined their connection to a wider audience.

Rising Sun

Looped has selected multiple distinct approaches to widen the brand name among the people. Looped filmed videos and handled campaigns while utilizing creative visual arts to engage with the audience. From illustrating promotions to designing the stand cards, Looped has ignited the interest of this brand in the masses, thus rising the name of Rocku Yakiniku.

Unyielding Fire

Rocku Yakiniku soon became the brand that echoes in the minds of many as soon as Japanese grill comes to mind. The seasonal promotions and mini-games served to attract the attention of many, exciting them to repeatedly visit Rocku Yakiniku’s chain of restaurant. The campaigns held were effective and Rocku Yakiniku’s name was able to reach the ears of many.


Unique visual arts were implemented in the efforts to produce visual participation which also act as an appetite stimulant to escalate walk in and booking rate for a branded restaurant with the right marketing strategy

- Looped Creative Agency
brand direction

A variety of visual strategies were applied to radiate the eccentric foods, multiple angles were shot, contemporary designs were used, empowering the impression of Rocku Yakiniku. Bold and contrasting colours were used to represent the fiery and passionate spirit of a food warrior.


Engaging and seasonal posts were planned meticulously in the means to unite more people and bring more food lovers together.

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Festive pictures were combined into product photography.


Elements of the festivals are used to emphasize the seasonal promotion by Rocku Yakiniku. A joyous composition for their posts attracts the eyes of the crowd and tempt their hungry hearts with a delightful variety of goodies.


Tantalizing grilled meat attracts the eyes with the flavoursome platters, an array of red meat makes the mouth water.


The never-ending sizzle of the meat portrayed in the visuals activate the taste buds of the viewers, enticing them to crave for Rocku Yakiniku.


By combining a diverse amount of illustrative arts, Rocku Yakiniku managed to attract more walk-in customers and boost their booking rate from their campaigns. As a result, the population learn about Rocku Yakiniku and their brand thoroughly through the mass media.

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